WARRANT For Your Arrest! – From “I Buy Houses” Signs

Arrest Warrant?…From those plastic signs?!! (The plastic corrugated signs displaying “We Buy Houses“, “I Buy Houses“, “Cash For Home“, “I Buy Homes for Cash“, “Sell Your Home Fast“, “I Will Buy Your Home Right Now – Cash“, “Stop Foreclosure Now“, and the alike). Well, it happened…here’s the story.

Ryan Buys Houses

Shortly before Halloween, I targeted Jefferson Township (NJ) to put up “I Buy Houses” signs. Why Jefferson? Part of my business as a real estate investor involves building up communities of depressed areas, not just buying and selling homes in the same day. Jefferson happens to be one of the more depressed towns in Morris County. There are many homes that are vacant, in need of repair, and homes that have been on the market sitting idle for months. In this stagnant market, it’s important for investors and developers to come in and help rebuild towns like Jefferson.
When investors and developers fix up homes, that town’s revenue increase (taxes typically aren’t paid on vacant houses), the surrounding property values increase, and employment is provided.

With this in mind, we set out to market the area heavily. So there we went out in all black, face painted, ninja costumes…ok not exactly. The signs were put up a few days before Halloween. These were a combination of light poll signs and wooden stake ground signs. Leads were generated and business continued as usual. That was until, I checked my PO Box.

While sending out to a probate lead in UK, I decided to check my po box that rarely receives any mail. After brushing away the cobwebs and coupon envelopes, I was greeted with two tickets. Both of which were for the signs and dated 11/11/11. The tickets stated a mandatory court appearance on 12/21/12. Uh oh, the current date was 12/29/11. As I went through the rest of the mail, I found another pleasant surprise. An arrest warrant was issued for failure to appear in court. Oddly, nothing was ever sent to my home address and the warrant had my name misspelled (hence why the computer didn’t bring up any warrants under my name). So there you have it, a tickets issued from those pesky plastic signs and a warrant to follow due to bad luck. The exciting life of real estate investor.

On a more positive note, 2012 will be a year to help more homeowners in need and networking with other professionals in the business.

RyanPal (the sign bandit)

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