Foreclosure Help NJ

Foreclosure Help NJ


Not happy with your search results for Foreclosure Help NJ? Maybe we can assist. We have helped hundreds of homeowners facing foreclosure in New Jersey since 2006. Many of theses homeowners came to us scared, confused, and uninformed about the foreclosure process and how to prevent foreclosure in New Jersey.

We are proud to say we started off a Foreclosure Help NJ company and therefore carry extensive experience in helping homeowners stop foreclosure. If you’re in an unfortunate situation of possibly losing your home because you’re currently facing foreclosure, we strongly urge you to do one thing. That one thing is to take some kind of action. Whether you decide to seek the help of our company or another, the worst thing you can do is to freeze up and do nothing. In our opinion foreclosure is the worst option, and it’s quite possible you may have more options available to you then you might think.

If you’re still unsure of what route to take, feel free to reach out to us. There’s absolutely no obligation and all correspondences are 100% confidential. Call or email is today at: 973-699-3804 /

AVAILABLE – Excellent ROI on this rental!

3214 rt 94, Franklin, 07416.


Rent ready. Current tenant is moving out and was payin $900 (was originally $1000 but the landlord gave them a break due to oil price increases). House can use some updating but not required to rent. As per owner, tenant will be painting the inside of the home before leaving.

More Pictures: Coming Soon.

Beds: 2
Baths: 1

Listed : August 21, 2014

Price : $ 55000

Instructions : Appt w/Clay

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AVAILABLE – Fixer Upper in Howell, NJ

116 Roosevelt ave, Howell, 07731.


Fixer upper in Howell. Looking for a quick sale. Cash buyers only!

More Pictures: Coming Soon .

Beds: 3
Baths: 1

Listed : August 21, 2014

Price : $ 65000

Repairs : $ 60000
ARV : $ 180000

Instructions : Appt w/Chris

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UNDER CONTRACT – Multi-Family Fixer Upper – Newark, NJ

170 N 11th St, Newark, 07107.

Legal 2.5 family, there are 3 kitchens and 3 baths. House needs rehab (updating throughout), plumbing still intact (house was never fully vacant and vandalized).

Repairs: 60k-80k
ARV: 180k-200k.

Beds: 5
Baths: 3

Listed : August 14, 2014

Price : $ 65000

Repairs : $ 60
ARV : $ 180

Instructions : Appt w/Sergio

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Are you looking for Homevestors? You know, those “We Buy Ugly Houses” guys.  Homevestors is a well known company and have done a great job branding themselves as the official “We Buy Ugly Houses” cash home buyers along with their caveman logo.  There’s one slight problem.  Not all sellers have ugly homes for sale.  Sometimes a home might need some updating or in need of a little lip stick but they don’t fall in the same category as ugly homes.

Luckily Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP) does not limit our buying criteria to only ugly homes.  While we do buy ugly houses, we also buy pretty houses and everywhere in between.  Limiting our services to just ugly homes would be an disservice to homeowners like yourself.  We are proud to bridge the gap where Homevestors falls short.

If you have a home in New Jersey that you need to sell fast, it doesn’t matter the location, situation or even the condition.  We can  purchase properties that fall under all categories (foreclosures, inherited properties, fixer uppers, vacation homes, ugly homes, pretty homes, mediocore homes) it really doesn’t matter.  We understand every situation is unique in nature so we work closely with each homeowner to provide a solution that meets their needs.  At RESP you’ll never find a “one size fits all” remedy for your house problem.

Before you call Homevestors or another New Jersey cash home buyer, drop us a line, we’re confident this will be your first and only stop for your a solution to sell your NJ home fast!

UNDER CONTRACT – Landlord Special – Middlesex NJ

16 Sumutka Ave, Carteret, 07008.

This house has huge potential, the property is dated but well maintained. Perfect for a Landlord. Cash buyers only!

More Photos:

Beds: 4
Baths: 2

Listed : August 01, 2014

Price : $ 170000

ARV : $ 270000

Instructions : Apt. w/Ken

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UNAVAILABLE – Jersey City Rehab

76 Belmont Ave, Jersey City, 07304.

2 family, vacant. needs 50k in work. 2 bed 1 bath, dining and living room on each floor. rents 2800-3200 post rehab..

Beds: 2
Baths: 1

Listed : June 24, 2014

Price : $ 175000

Instructions : Apt w/Ryan

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UNAVAILABLE – Fixer Upper – Wall, NJ – Must sell in 8 days!

2212 Hadley Ct, Wall Twp, 07719.


Fixer upper in Wall Twp, NJ. Must sell this one in 8 days. Serious cash buyers only!.

Beds: 2
Baths: 1

Listed : July 24, 2014

Price : $ 150000

Repairs : $ 45000
ARV : $ 280000

Instructions : Appt w/Jeff

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Buy My House Now NJ

“Buy My House Now!”

Sound familiar?  Here at RESP we know first hand when a homeowner needs to sell their home quick, however, when a homeowner says “Buy my house now!”, it requires cash home buyers that need to act fast….really fast!  From our other blog posts I’m sure you are aware that we can purchase your home in as little as 7 days.  Did you know that in some cases, we can close even sooner?  Although it’s not the norm, under the right circumstances and the right professionals all working together, it’s possible to sell your nj home in a matter of a few days.  A key component in this situation is having the ability to buy your home cash, not a mortgage.  There are not many buyers out there in today’s market buying homes with cash.  While the market is seeing an increase in home sales, most of these buyers require bank financing.  Because bank financing usually takes 30-45 days on average, the ability to close in a few days isn’t possible.  This is a major benefit to sellers who need a serious cash buyer to act fast and solve their home problem.  Whether you’re facing foreclosure, need to start a short sale, or just need to sell fast, contact us today so we can provide you a fast cash offer and solve your house problem today.

REDUCED – Landlord special – 2 Fam, Linden NJ

48 E Henry St, Linden, 07036.

Two Family Landlord Special! No work to be done. Bottom floor rented, top floor just became vacant. Rents: 1st flr-$1090, 2nd flr-$1125. Comps selling for $250k-$270k. More Pictures: More Deals like this:

Beds: 2
Baths: 1

Listed : July 02, 2014

Price : $ 195000

Instructions : Apt w/Ken

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