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About Ryan Paliukaitis and Team
Mortgage Assignment Short Sale Help

My name is Ryan Paliukaitis with Real Estate Solution Providers (RESP). With over 30 years combined real estate experience, my team and I can provide solutions to homeowners facing a variety of situations.

Foreclosures & Short Sales:
Just like the rest of the country, New Jersey foreclosures are on the rise. Luckily, you've come to right place to stop foreclosure dead in it's tracks. We are a full service negotiating firm that specializes in working with agents to negotiate all their short sales at no cost to the seller or agent.

With many homeowners "underwater", we have become short sale experts. This option has allowed many homeowners to stop foreclosureand obtain peace of mind from satisfying the unpaid debt. Contact us today for short sale help. (Through the help of partners and affiliates, we are now able to extend our services beyond New Jersey. If you reside outside NJ, we may still be able to help provide short sale services.)

Mortgage Assignments:
When homeowners are 100% financed and don't quite qualify for a short sale, a mortgage assignment is a great option. This new alternative is still new to most homeowners but will soon be a common household term.

Vacant Property & Estate Sales:
From vacant homes to estate sales, we work directly with homeowners to explore options available to them. From seller financing to fast cash offers, we can provide a variety of solutions that meet your needs.

What You Will NOT Find Here
What You Will Find Here
False promises
Fancy sales pitches
Quick- fix "band-aids"
A dedicated problem solving team willing to provide solutions to homeowners facing financial difficulty or the burden of real estate property.
Ryan Paliukaitis is a licensed real estate agent in the state of NJ
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